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Innovative Instructional Techniques

Please find links to published papers describing innovative instructional techniques that SERU has been involved in creating below (SERU members are in bold):

Hodges LC, Anderson EC, Carpenter TS, Cui L, Feeser EA, Gierasch TM (2017).  Using Clickers for Deliberate Practice in Five Large Science Courses.  The Journal of College Science Teaching 47: 22-28

Ott LE, Carpenter TS, Hamilton DS, LaCourse WR (2017).  Discovery Learning: Development of a Unique Active Learning Environment for Introductory Chemistry.  The Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (In Press)

Ott LE, Kephart K, Stolle-McAllister K, LaCourse WR (2017).  Students’ Understanding and Perceptions of Assigned Team Roles in a Classroom Laboratory Environment.  The Journal of College Science Teaching (In Press)

Hoffman K, Leupen S, Dowell K, Kephart K, Leips J (2016).  Development and Assessment of Modules to Integrate Quantitative Skills in Introductory Biology Courses.  CBE Life Sciences Education 15: ar14 (doi: 10.1187/cbe.15-09-0186)

Hodges LC, Anderson EC, Carpenter TS, Cui L, Gierasch TM, Leupen S, Nanes KM, Wagner CR (2015).  Using Reading Quizzes in STEM – The What, Why, and How.  Journal of College Science Teaching 45: 45-59 (link)

Nanes KM (2014).  A Modified Approach to Team-Based Learning in Linear Algebra Courses.  International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology 45: 1208-1219 (DOI:10.1080/0020739X.2014.920558)